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While there are many schools that nurture the intellectual and academic life of their students, at Columbia Adventist Academy we set ourselves apart by focusing on a holistic approach to your student's education. CAA was built with the intentional goal of helping young adults grow in mind, body, and spirit.

For over 100 years, Columbia Adventist Academy has provided this complete approach to education, creating a school that has been nationally recognized for its strong academic program; warm and hospitable atmosphere; highly motivated, successful and involved students; dedicated teachers, and a dynamic religious life. 

We welcome students of all faiths to join our school community and to be a part of our tradition of excellence. 


The Adventist Education Effect

CognitiveGenesis is a groundbreaking study that indicates that students in U.S. Adventist schools perform a half-grade level better than the national average. And the longer they attend, the greater their academic success. The video below gives more information on this study and additional details are available by clicking here