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Financial Aid


Financial Aid is available to all qualifying families. We want all prospective students to have the opportunity to experience the academic excellence offered at Columbia Adventist Academy. Early application is very important! Columbia Adventist Academy is committed to helping parents and students meet the financial obligations of Christian education. Some of the assistance options include:

Non-CAA Financial Assistance

Local Church Tuition Assistance

Many churches have a tuition assistance program that parents can apply for at the local church level. Please talk to your pastor early in the spring so you don't miss their deadline.

Columbia Endowment

Columbia Endowment is a non-profit organization supported by alumni and friends of CAA. Parents must apply directly for assistance. Applications are available in the business office.

CAA Financial Assistance

Financial aid is available to qualifying students. The amount of aid available is set by the Finance Committee and is based on the family need as determined by the financial aid application from FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. A student may either participate in the Student Labor and/or Work Match program or the Service Match program.

Student Labor

CAA has limited employment opportunities on-campus. Students may apply at the business office for campus employment. Students must be at least 14 years of age and present a social security card, one other form of photo-identification, and a work permit. Priority will be given to students with demonstrated financial need and to those students under 16 years of age. Students who are employed will be expected to be dependable, punctual, and responsible. Failure to be so may be cause for termination of employment and financial assistance.

Worthy Student Work Match

For financial aid recipients, CAA offers a dollar-for-dollar (100%) work match for qualified off-campuswork, up to a determined maximum. All off-campus work approved for Work Match will receive a 100% match up to a determined maximum amount. A pay stub and determined off-campus work monies must be brought into the business office to be applied to the account. Worthy Student Work Match funding will only be allocated during the school year for which it was approved.


Parents who are seeking financial assistance are encouraged to begin the process as early as possible in the spring. Start by completing a FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application available online. The application deadline is June 30, 2018. Before financial assistance will be available from CAA, parents must have pursued funds available through their local church tuition assistance program.


Student Performance

  • Minimum Grade Point Average: 2.0 (C Avg.)
  • Satisfactory work grade
  • Attendance grade of 2.0 (C Avg.)

Financial aid will be applied monthly to the student bill; however, it is subject to quarterly review. Should the students' performance not meet the financial aid requirements, the allocated financial aid portions will be reversed after semester grades are posted.

Click here to begin the Financial Aid Application Process.

Family Discount

When more than one student from the same family attends CAA, a discount is given in the amount of $75 each for two students per full year, and $150 each for three or more students per full year. These discounts will be credited at the end of the school year for the number of students in attendance at that time.