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What Students Say about SEL

"After taking my SEL class at CAA I am more grateful for the things in my life."

"This class has helped me realize the importance of being mindful and making intentional choices."

"I've learned it is possible to change the way I think about things."

"It has helped me deal with my emotions in various situations, and to help others who are going through rough times."

"I have learned to slow down and not let life get overwhelming."

"This class was instrumental in healing a broken friendship I had this year."

"I have learned that I don't always have to think happy to be healthy but thinking healthy makes me happier. It has helped me be more self-aware and aware of other's needs."

"I have learned not to always make myself the victim."

"All the takeaways we talked about in class are not so important to me. I use them every day, and they inspire me to do my best."

"This class has helped me to be more accepting of other's ideas."

"I know how to work better in groups."

"I can manage my emotions better and my time which has helped me focus on valuable things in life."